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Good Garages In Plymouth?

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Hey guys,

I'll be moving to Plymouth on the 1st of September and lucky me, the MOT is due on the 10th of Sept, so I was wondering if anyone can recommend a decent garage around the Plymouth area. I'll be living near the Hoe, not that it matters where the garage is so much I suppose as I can always cycle around or taxi or bus in the meantime.

I've dealt with a small back alley garage in Plymouth in the past and they neglected to tell me they snapped a nut off in the hub (and hid the broken end in the hub cap!).. Not that they'd do MOT's anyway...

Also, if anyone knows of a decent garage for general 'stuff' (if they don't do MOT's) I'd be really appreciative.

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Thanks Clive,

I'll give Curtis Ball a look in then :D They're not too far either which is handy.

I'll remember to avoid the MOT centre then. I find some of these places are swines, especially those that offer MOT's at greatly reduced rates as a 'promotional' sort of thing - I can only assume they then overcharge you for the things that are 'wrong' or 'not working' properly.

This sort of links back to that 'Can we trust garages' thread.

Thanks again

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You're welcome.

The MOT centre always brags that it's the cheapest around but always seem to find something broken.

A couple of years ago a customer was charged way over the odds for a job and when they refused to pay twice the agreed bill the garage staff got very threatening towards her.

I was called to deal with it and was very close to arresting the manager at one point.

They do have the only 24 hour vac and self service hot jet wash in the city though so do have some uses.

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:lol: Should have let Willow have a little nibble..

Hot jet wash sounds good :D My cars been subjected to a trickle of water from an unpressurised hose pipe for too long :lol:

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