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Wiring an aftermarket radio through the battery

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I have a Pioneer radio which I have taken out of a Vectra and put into an X reg Focus LX. I can't figure out how to have it through the battery. At the moment it's wired through the ignition and I lose all radio memory every time I turn the ignition off. On the Vectra it was just a case of swapping the red (ACC) and yellow (batt) wires over so it was red to yellow and yellow to red. However when I put it in the focus no matter which way I have the red and yellow wires it doesn't change the fact it's through the ignition.

I've been told I may need additional wiring. Is this true?

Hope someone can help.

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you need to find a permanant live that you can piggyback from try the cig lighter.

Had the same problem on a older car as well. There was a change to the wiring in a car/radio scenario which means

with a newish radio and an older car you have to swap two of the wires over to give you what you need.

The permanent and switched live wires need to be changed over.

Re: Blaupunkt Car 300 stereo removal

Reply #7 - 24. Sep 2007 at 10:06

to sort your memory issue, switch the red and yellow wire over. Most JVC's go from they're own connection to iso so the

wire change over is easy This will cure this easy peasy and save you £ on a iso lead. However if the loom plugs straight

in the back of the unit then you will need iso adaptor Sad

Best to google something like "car radio losing preset stations" and see what you get up.


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