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Found A Good Shop Online Lightinthebox

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Hi all,

Im sure we have all heard of aliexpress, Taobao and Alibaba,

Which for those whom dont know are all Chinese auction websites linking English speaking customers directly with Chinese manufacturers,

Its where eBay sellers buy all there stuff prior to uping the price and selling to us,

All of these sites have become safe thanks to the creation of PayPal.

Now I've come across an even better website called lightinthebox.com

I mentioned it to Vicki and she says lots of people on Facebook are praising it saying they saved loads of money and the items arrive 100% I'm not on Facebook personally so i didn't know.

I've found a few great deals which i will link separately to this thread but for this thread here's a link to the site: http://lightinthebox.com/index.php?main_page=mobile_advanced_search_result&inc_subcat=1&search_in_description=0&q=ford

Here's ford VCM module with Software for 132.50GBP :o that's cheaper then getting ford to use there's twice :)


Stealth fit reverse camera 10.50GBP http://lightinthebox.com/rearview-camera-for-ford-edge-2012_p575925.html

Other type for 15.08


If your not over 5ft tall you can save a fortune on hotel expenses sleeping in the back of the car:


Bought myself one of these fake stereo face plates looks much like the old 6000CD ford fitted to transits in the ninety's pretty cool the volume works the suction cup:


Three times cheaper than eBay for that item,

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A guy at work ordered a dvd/sat nav double din head unit from lightinthebox £139 when ups delivered it the import duty was £40 so not so cheap head unit in the end !!!!

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In Ireland we don't get hit for import tax as much as you guys do,

Which i cant understand since Ireland was in recession why they didn't tap in on import tax to make extra revenue but anyways :rolleyes:

Receiving a parcel from outside the EU in to Ireland

If its deceleration form says its a Gift,

Then there is no import charges applied,

Also if the market value of the item is declared lower than you paid: the import charges are based on that figure,

Most sellers will mark the delivery as a gift for you,

Because you give them payment via PayPal which is a form of gift rite? :)


There's a company called Parcel Motel there owned and run by Nightline couriers,

You can sign up for free,

They provide you with a shipping address for Ireland

They receive parcels relabel them and ship to you in the uk,

They charge very little once the parcel doesn't exceed a certain size and weigh,

It may be an option/way of getting parcels from outside of the EU in to Europe then in to the uk with smaller or no import charges as the package enters the uk from Ireland which is within the EU,

Or it could go wrong resulting in paying parcel Motel to deliver the item and you pay import charges anyway.

But for a fee less than 10 pounds maybe worth a try, you'll be promoting Irish jobs aswell :)

See video below

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Nice one mate! Keep this in mind a tend to get lots of gifts anyway tho :p

I've just watched the video there myself and it says it recieves parcels to Finglas then distributes within Ireland,

Pretty sure there website now says they receive to address in Dublin then ship to uk,

So the video needs updating.

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