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1500 mile courtesy service/time?

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I was just wondering about the 1500-mile courtesy service on the Mk7 that some have mentioned - is there an alternative timepoint at which we might be invited in for it? Our runs in the car have mostly been shortish so we're not at 1500 yet, and I had fleetingly wondered if it might be "1500 miles or 3 months, whichever comes first", but we've passed the 3 months now without hearing a dicky-bird from the dealer.

We'll volunteer it for a service soon, because we think it might benefit from a bit of a tweak (it's the 1.25 82PS petrol, manual transmission) - it's a bit "unwilling" when pulling away at junctions/traffic lights in 1st and 2nd gear (there tends to be a moment of wanting to stall, which it sometimes manages to do - always a bit of a heartstopper). We initially thought it was our unfamiliarity with the car (especially having come from 8.5 years in a "Hi-Torq" 1.6 Mk4 Astra, which is so forgiving it probably engenders bad driving habits) but now we're starting to wonder if a small adjustment might be beneficial... Behaviour in 3rd gear and above is impeccable though and I suppose the engine/transmission aren't yet fully loosened up yet, due to our lowish mileage.

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I took mine in for it's courtesy service last week, no problems thankfully! I guess it'd just be a case of ringing up the dealer and finding out, mine had 1600 on the clock when I eventually took it in.

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Whether it is due a courtesy service or not I would take it in as it sounds like it is not 100% right and you might as well get it sorted while it is in warrant rather than driving round the problem and potentially causing yourself problems in the future

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