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Focus Mk3 Zetec Rear Light Clusters

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recently purchased mk3 zetec .2013 petrol 1.6

The rear light clusters are different . Nearside has led sidelight and one live wire and negative to bottom bulb socket for single filament bulb (which was missing but is for fog light ) .

Drivers side has no led' s ( and led socket sealed ) ,but double filament lamp in bottom for side light and fog light .

So with sidelights on one is led and one is bulb . The wiring and plugs for each side appears appropriate for that side .

Not sure if these are original as secondhand car .Or whether it had a bump and one side replaced along with harness .

So , if I leave ,is this legal ,o.k. for first mot due next year ?

If I wish to correct , which is easier to correct ?

Presumably I would need an adapter of fresh wiring for one side ,(how far does it go back from cluster?

Car is 2 and half years old . Would it be under warranty and would garage know if one is a replacement ?

So many questions !! but any comments welcome .Thanks .

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It should be under warranty still (3 years). I'd phone a Ford dealer and ask them to put it right

Lights should be symmetrical to meet regs, so in theory this is not road legal

There have been other cases of odd lights fitted

Who did you buy it from, if commercial your contract is with them and they should put it right

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I will take up with sales garage first and then ford dealer.

Incidentally ,the bulb changing photo in handbook shows a double fog and rear lamp (no led) ,yet a few pages later the bulb list shows the fog lamp as a single filament .

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Zetec shouldn't have LED rear clusters so that is the wrong one.

Possibly been replaced at some point. As madmole says this technically makes it not Road legal so is an offence for the dealership to have supplied it like that. Should be able to get them to sort it if they are a half decent garage.

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Sorry to hijack the thread but I want upgrade my tail lights to the led versions found on the titanium models. How easy would it be to change the wiring? Just so that I know before I actually buy them.


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Had another quick look , the wires from the bulbs in the cluster , on each side end in a plug ,to attach to socket coming from car body .so looks like you would need the lens and this shortish wiring loom between the lens and the socket (that is assuming the socket is a standard for both types )

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