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virgin Media suck

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I have had nothing but problems

1. Damage my property

2. 10 days with no net access

3. 2 x no shows because some muppet in VM cancelled my appointments and not tell me

4. Lied to me on a few occasions

5. Billed me for something that was not finished and does not work

6. Miss Sold me a extra V box for £5 a month then turns out its £9.50 a month

all in 10 days

so in the end i got in to the box on the wall and fixed it myself. That will get up their nose like they did to me.

BT here we come

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We had virgin media broadband + Phone installed ~ a month and a half ago then got TV installed about a week ago. They made no mess or damage when they installed (even took off their boots before they came in) and were always friendly. We had a problem with the broadband being slow so I called up tech support and they sent an engineer out the next day. He fixed the problem right away (getting 4MB/s(!!)) now) - that megabytes not bits! They got the TV installed with no fuss and even complimented me on my choice of music hardware :D

All in all I have had a great experience with VM - its a shame you have seen the flip side of their service. If you call CS on 150 and go to option 5 then option 1 (leaving VM) and tell them how badly they have treated you I'm willing to bet they will bend over backwards to convince you to stay!

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hi dean

Glad to hear its worked well.. they were good for me in the begining.

I only ever call the cancellation dept and threaten to leave.. get good service then and not shipped to india for 25 p a minute.

they have changed though.... used to have a £25 call out and now it is £75

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We left VM a while ago now, the service we got was not good at all.

They kept cutting out phone lines off and the broadband was off more than it was on, the switch off switch on again are you sure it is not working crap from them several engineers out to not fix it and find out the cable they had replaced was bodge joined in the street instead of at the box where it should have been.

When we called to disconect they said we will give you half price discount for 12 months.

I fail to see the point of having something that does not work at any price.

We went to BT and have had no problems at all.

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BT are pretty good... i may have to see what they offer me before i leave.. i have a whole list of issues which they are now trying to fix.

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