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Mark CDF

Fiesta Bluetooth lockup and reset

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Nothing, it's under warranty.

Awesome, so that does include my car which is now just over 12 months old? A free software patch to fix the issue would be better then disconnecting the battery.

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Well I called my dealer today and have booked the car in on Monday. I was also told it's covered under warranty so very good. Saves me having to undo the battery and with any luck I'll get a software update :)

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Just to update, I went to my dealer today and under warranty they updated the software and it's working fine now :) I have tested it and it works better then ever and I have no faults with using my satnav on the phone through the stereo and turning the ignition off then on again. I also can read the address book and all the call lists on the cars display. I have an iPhone 4 and use CoPilot. So couldn't be happier. The mechanic said you download the update to a USB stick and then plug that into the USB port on the car and it takes around 45 mins to update!!

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Not a happy bunny with my dealer right now.

Went in last Thursday and waited for 2.5 hours until they came and told me everytime they try and download the update Ford's website crashes, can I come back another time?

Went back in this morning. Waited 2 hours for them to tell me same problem again, can I come back another time?

Booked in for next Tuesday. They're giving a courtesy car and keeping mine all day so they can work on it.

I have logged this with Ford direct who rang my dealer whilst I was on the phone and now the dealer claims it's not when they're downloading from Ford that's the problem, it's when they try and install it on my radio! Funny how their story changed after Ford confirmed all their systems and websites are working fine.

My dealer is telling me they plug their laptop in to the car and update it that way, no mention of using USB sticks. Maybe that's where they're going wrong?

Result of this, still have intermittant fault with music playback and no sound on phone calls (they can hear me but I can't here them)

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This morning, immediately after I hung up a call, the audio didn't resume. iPod was playing but no sound. Radio worked. Voice recognition muted the radio, but did nothing else. Phone call (dialled from menus) put the call through but no sound.

Had to leave ignition off for over 10 minutes before it reset itself. Switching off and back on left it crashed.

I have no intention of having to pull a fuse to reset stuff that should work properly every time! The system needs a reset button implementing. The entire audio/handsfree subsystem leaves a lot to be desired.

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