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Long time hire car question

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Roughly two months ago my sister was on in a minor RTC.

Her car was looked at by a garage and needs some minor repair work.

A couple of days later a nearly new hire car was dropped off and she was told the garage will call when they require her to drop her car off for repair. 

She's now been running around in a nearly new focus for roughly 2 months and is in no rush to get her 11 year old civic looked at by the garage.

Can anyone shed any light on the possibility that she may incur some sort of bill for this? She's under the impression that neither she nor the neighbour that crashed into her will get a bill for this but I'm worried one of them might since she's not been forthcoming in approaching the garage to get her own car fixed.

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Most insurers have a limited period for which they provide a hire car, which isn't the same as a courtesy car usually provided by the garage during the time your car is off road. If the third party was at fault, their insurer won't be too pleased to be paying for s hire car for longer than was necessary.  Best option would be to arrange a repair asap (doesn't seem like there is any reason for a delay) and discuss with own insurer - they usually appoint a third party accident managing company who have a reputation for inflating insurance claims. 

Good luck!

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2 months! Someone in one or other insurance company is going to get their neck wrung for leaving it that long to get the car seen. I'd get your sister to phone her insurance company ASAP to ask what's taking so long on having the car seen to and then I'd drop into the conversation "you do realise I've been driving around for 2 months in the car that was dropped off as a replacement till my own car was repaired?"

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