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Bought a Streetka for modding fun :-)

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I really wanted to mod a car as a little hobby , but as tastefully as possible. Looked around at potential targets and noticed some bargain Streetkas for sale.

...ok technically these are a 'woman's car' but that didn't bother me as I was looking for a potential and if you can look past the small wheels tucked away into the arches, crap headlights and jacked up appearance you can see there's a very well proportioned shapely little car here , just dying to be put right.

So far I've fitted 17" MP3 focus wheels which I chose to suit the styling of the car.

the rear wheels have 30mm spacers to fill those huge arches.

angel eye headlights (Angel rings not wired up as tacky looking just wanted the deep dark modern headlight look) 

debadged grill with RS logo (debating whether that's good or not)

Mini chrome air vents. Footwell lights.

I also have led daytime running lights to fit near the spots and a front splitter.

ive also ordered German side skirts (can't remember the name of the company) 

not sure what to do with the rear I have an fiesta RS rear bumper thing I might try to bolt under and put exhaust out of.

cant really lower it, can lower the rear but not the front no room.

i have Range Rover side vents was going to fit into the bonnet but again, afraid of tackyness. It's a hard balancing act when nodding a car to keep it different but looking as if it should have been made like that.

nothing engine wise yet, but will probably get a slightly tuned Puma engine in there at some stage.






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Hi Stephen. Welcome to the forums. Sounds like your off to a flying start with that project. Looking good

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Looks great i look forward to watching the thread:

I like the badge on the front stating that it's the Right Side of the vehicle 

Or the previous lady owner was a Raunchy slu.t fond of the JJZ😁

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