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Radio / sat nav ststem

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The radio system in my Ford focus 2008 is not working and im looking a replacement unit like the one in the photo, so any one know where is the best place to pick a secondhand one up?

ford radio.jpg

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You can keep an eye on the classified section here on the forum or look on eBay. 

Another alternative is the eonon head units.

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This radio is the Ford/Blaupunkt Travelpilot FX. Depending on the exact version of the FX a new one from Ford costs between €1500,- and €2500,-.

The Travelpilot FX is a very sensitive piece of electronics. This type of radio is known for its problems. Sudden black screens or the unit stop working completely (temporarily or permanently) are just a few examples. Because of these problems Bosch/Blaupunkt offered an extended warranty period (out of goodwill) for a number of different part numbers. However this extended period ended last year on 31-12-2015.

Basically the Travelpilot FX has a number of electronic components that are known to fail. Sometimes the failing of one components leads to a chain reaction and causes other components to fail also. The Travelpilot FX is very sensitive for low battery voltage. A bad or defect battery often causes the Travelpilot FX to break down.

There are several companies that offer repair/overhaul services for the Travelpilot FX. They can replace all weak components for uprated parts and often offer a warranty period (some even offer a lifetime warranty). However overhaul of the Travelpilot FX is usually not cheap.


Because many Travelpilot FX radio's break down there is a large demand for used working ones. A used, working Travelpilot FX easily sells for prices between €250,- and €400,-. Personally I would only buy a Travelpilot FX that has been overhauled with uprated parts otherwise it may only be a matter of time before it also breaks down.

Note that there are several different versions of the Travelpilot FX. Many of them look identical but are technically different. A Travelpilot FX from a Mondeo MK4 or S-max/Galaxy is not suitable for a Focus MK2/MK2.5.

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Thanks guys for your help, so i now know that the sat nav system is v expensive, so what other radio / cd system could i get to fit the car without have to buy fascia bits

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Brilliant system but i wouldn't pay that amount on a car im thinking about selling.

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