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CMAX Not Reliable!

CMAX Wet fuse box - electrics going mad!!

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I went through a large puddle on Sunday, and yesterday my CMAX started going mad!

WITHOUT the keys in the ignition, the wipers started going, the alarm, the wiper relay clicking in and out like mad!

I disconnected the wiper fuse, this stopped the wipers going, but the relay was still clicking in and out.

I removed the wiper relay, and most other things started coming on then (engine mgt system, alarm, indicators!)

I then noticed when I removed the cover to the fuse box under the bonnett, it was wet inside. The lid and tops of the fuses and relays were covered in moisture.

I disconnected the battery over night, left the lid off of the fuse box.

This morning, it looks a lot drier, and the car seems to be working fine.

Basically - has anyone else had this issue?

Am I safe with what I have done?

(CMAX 1.6 Zetec - Nov 05 - '55 plate - NON Automatic wipers)

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The 'puddle' wasn't near Cockermouth in Cumbria was it?? I'm trying to work out how the inside of your fuse box got so wet just by driving through a 'puddle'. It sounds like it was wet electrics and by drying them out you have sorted it though.

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If you wana go surfing get a surfboard.

You wana travel through water...get a boat.

You wana do both...get an amphibian vehicle.

Dont risk your car or other peoples cars by driving through a lot of water at any sort of high speed.

As a mechanic, we knew we be doing overtime when the rain came and floods began, coz people think new cars can cope with loadsa of water thrown at them. We would be putting new engines in 1/2/3yr old cars every other day and driving out carpets and fuse boxes and the like.

I would highly reccomend having the ECU checked out by a diagnostics machine, check for faults and clear them down, drive, check again.

Also, ensure there isnt any standing water in/around fuses etc, use a heatgun to GENTLY dry any out...if it isnt completely dry you will have corrosion begin in there and will have problem after problem in future, could be years, could be weeks.

Get in there and dry it out good!

Piggy :)

Oh, and as for happening before, yeh, does, just as you said, like the car is having a moment of its own!! :lol:

Also had engines live through drinking water, had a Jag diesel (Ford Engine) stop in a flood and we took the turbo hose off, tried to start it (nout to lose at that point) and got a 30ft fountain in the workshop!! :lol:

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