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Hey guys how you doing  last night I was travelling to the shopping centre and of the roads I use u have to turn right at a junction to approach towards dual carriageway anyway last night about 520pm I was following car in front we both indicated to turn right to go into said junction followed the slip road round then all of. Sudden he indicated right and proceeded to turn right to do. A U turn it happen3d that fast so I turned right to try avoid then Bang we collided I ended up on gras other side of road I got out car he got out of his car he said to me what happened there I said mate you I followed you round that slip road and u indicated to turn right then went for the u turn u didn't even brake . He ended up admitting he was in the wrong we exchanged details then went separate ways how ever I did notice last night on google maps where it happened there's hatched lines in middle of road . Anyone else think his insurance might dispute or resist paying out ? Here is pics of damage to my car and a map of where it happened 










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any update on this where the police involved sound to me like careless driving by the other party

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