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2010 Mondeo instrument cluster questions

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First time poster looking for help (and I *did* do a search on this before posting, but nothing obvious popped up. My apologies if I missed something and have caused annoyance...;-)).

My 2010 Mondeo 2.0 TDCi auto has an analogue instrument cluster and the light around the temperature gauge flickers intermittently. The gauge itself seems to be fine.

I am lead to believe that the lights are LEDs rather than bulbs and that the only way to correct the flicker is to replace the entire instrument cluster. Is this correct?

If so, stupid question No. 1, is there any difference between analogue clusters for manual and autos?

Stupid question No. 2, is it possible to replace the analogue cluster with a digital one? Are the connections similar?

Thanks for your time!




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