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Push Button Starter Kit

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Can anyone help me with wiring a Push button starter kit for a Fiesta Zetec 1998S.

I have bought it from eBay and it says it can be done in 30min's

If i drill it into the dash then feed the cables through to the ignition, i have the scotch lock with the kit so i assume it just has to connect to the ignition power cables, can anyone help me in finding these two cable please or any pictures or tip if anyone else has fitted one, cheers

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it is pretty easy...but why on a 1.25!?!?!?

Just need to find the starter wire from the ignition....

You then cut that....

Find the main 12vs going to igntion, cut and splice to supply your switch with 12volts, and wire in the other end of the switch to the starter wire from the ignition, then all you have changed is that you turn the ignition on 2clicks and press a button to start as opposed to turning the key just a bit more!

but don't do it unless you got some knowledge in wiring, a multimeter, some good pliers, side cutters, shrink wrap and a good soldering iron :)

Not to be too picky here but your motor aint the Zetec S buddy :)

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cheers for the advice, but where is the ignition cable lol, what colour and whats it lookin like lol,

I have the fiesta zetec 1998S 16V,

'S' Is the reg not Sport as im thinking you thought that :-)

you have 'Zetec S' as your model! :lol:

you will need a multimeter to ensure it is the correct wire...you got one?

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when i done the push button start on my focus, i first of all bought a haynes manual so i could identify the wiring under the steering wheel.

once i had found the wires i was looking for i used extremely large scotch connectors(yes i know..dreadful things).

Alot of people seem to think that a start button does away with using the key, it doesnt. unless you got the immobiliser removed or something.

you just need to put your key in and turn till the dash lights up then you can use the start button.

i think in total, it took me 45 minutes to do. the haynes manual was also a real help for the wiring.

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I know you still need the key

I Know my model says Zetec S

And no i aint got a multimeter, what's that?

Pointless asking to be honest cause my first post said beginner lol


its ok to be a beginner, we all started somewhere right?

a multimeter is used to measure voltage, resistance etc.

here is an example of one on ebay, http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/Full-Size-Pro-Qualit...=item588117a6ca

a must have bit of kit for anyone wishing to undertake work on the electrical side of a car really.

how many pins does your relay have? 5?

ok so, i have knocked together a diagram (albeit for a focus but the principles are the same)


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