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2006 1,6 ti vct ticking sound

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I have ticking sound coming from my engine. I have listened and it is not vct system that is located on the left. Sound is coming from the right side. I do not have proper tools but listened using screwdriver. Injectors sound normal to me and when I listen to the utmost right intake tube, there is the sound most dominant. Second from the right has the sound also but not as loud. However puting the screwdriver agains the head itself produces the same sound as intake tube.


Sometimes the sound is audible more and some times less. Sometimes it is silent.

I have read that intake manifold have flaps that will wear out and my understanding is that this is the exact sound that it makes in that case. 

However when looking pictures at ebay I do not see flaps on this version of intake manifold.

Are they located more inside of manifold or is this new design that does not have flaps at all?

Part number on the car is 4M5G-9424-CC

I know that the latest version that will fit my car is 4M5G-9424-CG

Do anybody know what was updated and am I on the right track when suspecting intake manifold?

I do not experience any loss of power nor do I have any ill behavior from the car except this ticking sound. No error codes are present.

I recorded the ticking sound also. Is it the manifold or maybe valve lifter?



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Sounds a bit like injector rattle to me if its the fast clicking rattle you mean and  not the loud regular clonk as the piston fires. If it is that then its fine TBH sounds ok to me. As the injectors are on the inlet manifold you where right first time. Perhaps you have a  slightly noisy one .I am sure some one will be able to tell for sure here  Unfortunately I  know nothing about manifold flaps will have to do some research on them. 

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I did search earlier also but didn't find it then.

So no flaps. Is there still something in intake manifold that could do sound like that or is it maybe lifter then?

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Just to follow up in case some one else finds it interesting.

Went to the dealer with the clunk. They confirmed abnormal noise and took the valve cover off to see, if there is anything obvious.

Checked valve clearances, they are ideal (1,6 ti-vct does not have hydraulic lifters so it was a good idea to check the clearances any way after 203000 km). Nothing obvious was found. All surfaces were in excellent condition and everything seemed OK. Further steps would mean too much work. They said that it might be that valve rods top surface might not be smooth any more and that might be the reason for clunk. However I'm not going to tare a running motor apart for this because besides the sound no ill effects can be seen/felt.

There are more variables for this than I can see/understand because sometimes it is louder and some times it is almost silent but it has something to do engine temperature because it is more audible with cold engine.

I have located the origin of the ticking sound to the cylinder next to ignition coil. I do not have correct tools for this but used screwdriver to the ear method. So I'm fairly certain it is not VCT system.

Anyhow. Current plan is to change oil twice a year (interval about 7000-10000 km) and drive it to the ground.

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Sounds like a normal 1.6 sigma to me the top end on these engine are always a bit noisy especially the VCT models we have had 3 fords in our family all with sigma engines 1 currently is the VCT which ticks aswell.  The injectors also make a loud ticking which can be amplified by the injector rail.

Having stripped one of these engine down in the past these engines are tough and can take a lot of abuse before letting go.  The engine I worked on had spun no 1 and no 3 big end bearings and destroyed the crank.  This engine had ran for 5 years without an oil change and still sounded ok.  As long as you change the oil regularly it will run forever.

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