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Mk6 Fiesta Rattle in Neutral - New Clutch!

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Hello all,

New to this forum so not sure if this is the correct place to be posting this question?

Purchased a Mk6 Fiesta with 56k on the clock. Not bad for a 2007 model, or so I thought. Recently started to have difficulty selecting 1st gear, changing gears, and stiff to get out of reverse. Local mechanic said it sounded like clutch drag, so had them replace the clutch, pressure plate and slave cylinder / throw out bearing.

When the old clutch was out of the car, they said it had worn unevenly.

Problem selecting / changing gears now solved, woo! However, since having the car back, after a good drive with everything warmed up, a 'rattle' develops when in neutral and clutch pedal up, which stops when the clutch pedal is pressed. This is a new noise since having the clutch kit replaced.

The internet typically suggests this would be a gearbox / input shaft bearing issue, but I am wondering the possibility of it being the TOB as the noise has only been apparent since the new clutch has been fitted, and I had never heard it with the old clutch? Only happens when hot and after some decent driving (e.g. to the shops and back would not really cause the noise to surface, but a run down the dual carriageway and back would).

No noise / squealing when clutch is depressed, but wondering if the 'rattle' is from the TOB just touching the pressure plate when in neutral? Not really noticed any unusual noises when driving, just this rattle in neutral sometimes.

Could it also be low gearbox oil if they have not topped the box off when replacing the driveshaft? I asked the garage if they would change the oil when changing the clutch but they said it was a sealed box so they could not change it? Surely some oil must have come out of the box when removing the driveshaft and i'm wondering if they haven't replaced it and this could be causing the noise?


Any help would be greatly appreciated so I can go back to them with a better idea of whether it could be the TOB or something else such as trans fluid. Only had the clutch changed last week, with the rattle in neutral present from the day I got it back.

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There should be an oil filling plug on the gearbox. you fill it up to the level of the plug. if you remove the plug ( a bolt) and put something in there like a small screwdiver you should be able to tell if the oil is up to that level (car level and not tilted of course).

I tend to think the symptoms are gearbox input shaft but I am not a professional and could not say that it could never be the clutch release bearing 

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Could you try just putting some weight on the pedal, rather than fully depressing it?  If it's the gearbox it'll make the noise until the clutch is fully disengaged.  If it's the thrust bearing, as you suggest, it should stop as soon as the bearing touches the clutch but without disengaging the clutch....if that makes sense!

I would also agree the gearbox should need a top up after the driveshaft has been out, but they are right in that there isn't a drain plug for the box.

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Thanks all, RE your comments:

The noise only seems to stop when the clutch begins to disengage (point when the pedal feels heaviest), if I apply slight pressure the noise is still there. This makes me think it's gearbox related as faulty release bearing would normally stop rattling with slight pressure applied? Haven't had any other symptoms such as squeal when pressing the clutch etc.

Going to check the gearbox oil level and hoping this is the cause of the rattle if it's low? Also sometimes have difficulty engaging 5th unless I let the revs drop right down and give it another try. Feel's like it's 'blocked'.

As i'm only getting these issues after a decent drive i'm hoping it is just the oil that needs topping up and causing all of these issues. Had none of these issues before the clutch change, and only appears when the box is warm, a drive around town doesn't seem enough to cause the rattle so assuming it is temperature related and therefore oil related?

If oil level is fine i'll be taking it back in to the garage as the rattle when hot wasn't there before I took it in.


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