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09 ford focus zetec cdti 1.6

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Hi All,

Drove to work this morning and heard the car ding , looked at the display and it read "engine malfunction" , so i pulled over and restarted and all seemed fine , until i put my foot down in second for some speed and noticed the turbo didn't come in , had another 20 ish minutes on my drive in s o i tried it a few more times and as far as i can tell its not kicking in . No ive got on of those code reader units and according to that ive got no codes or no stored codes .Which i found weird as surely the engine malfunction would of stored a code...wouldn't it ??

Its parked up in the multistory now , i cant really try anything till tomorrow , till its light a sim here til 8pm :( .Anyone have any ideas ?. 

Im wondering if its related to the DPF as i dont really take it on many long journeys , i do normally treat the fuel with one of those wynns things , but havent in the last 3 months , but again if it was blocked wouldnt i have some sort of code or warning light ??


Thanks in advance

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To add to this , not sure if its relevent. Lately ive been hearing a noise simular to a dump valve , very faintly though. I think it happenes when i change gear , normally hear it the most in third .

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DPF or turbo, I would usually expect an issue that is sufficient to trigger the "engine malfunction" warning on the dash would usually trigger a code.  Some codes don't stay active but are stored historically, simple code readers i.e. £15 off amazon type readers often only display "active" DTCs.  Do you have and ELM327 cable and Forscan (software) or are you using a cheap generic ODB2 reader?

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Its a cheapo one , but there are 2 sections on the code reading part for live codes and stored codes , both of which are empty.

An update to the issue is : it happened again yesterday on the way to football , its like the turbo just turns off , again no codes , restarted twice and nothing. Left it while watching the footie came back to it around 2 hours later and its working again . 

Id of though tif the turbo is on its way id of got some noise or even smoke from it  ? Again surely the dash warning would blink for the dpf ?

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