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Engine juddering/popping

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I’ve got an engine issue which has been going on for quite a while now but seems to be getting worse lately!

Basically the issue is that the engine starts juddering - when you start it up cold it’s almost constant until you start driving then it’s fine ish! - in a 30 min drive it might judder/pop around 6 times but a longer journey it starts juddering around an hour in and seems to judder every 30 secs or so! 

Its recently had a full service (it was juddering before this!) so everything is topped up, as in oil etc I’ve also recently added fuel additives to try and help but doesn’t seem to have helped!

It’s an 08 fiesta diesel - the juddering on start up is almost constant - and looks and feels quite violent! Any help would be appreciated!! 

Thank you :)

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