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Fiesta Red Edition Revo Tuning?

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3 hours ago, CalsRedEdition said:


Hi Everyone! Has anybody had their Fiesta Revo tuned and if so to what stage and is it worth the price?


I don't have a fiesta but a focus and it was one of the best things I did. The only thing I would say is with the small capacity engine is that by tuning it you will have a stressed racing snake instead of a normal engine. In my experience the small capacity engines (maybe not in this case) die far quicker that large capacity engines as lager are not so stressed by the mod. Might be good for some time then one wet and windy winter night pop. Bin there done it but obviously not on a modern Fiesta so I could be talking outa my bottom.

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It does worry me too about over stressing the engine so I think I'll phone them up to find out some more details first! However with this kit it gives 3 modes one to set back to standard and 2 others for performance and they guarantee the safety of the engine and I suppose it'll only overstess it if you constantly give it the beans rather than the odd blip?

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You just have to bear in mind the gearboxes are already pretty much maxed out in terms of torque it can safely handle. I've heard a few horror stories on here about people who have either blown their engines due to too much stress/ overheating (which is a problem without remapping, but remapping can cause it to overheat more), or they've needed a new tranny.

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