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2015 mondeo start/stop problems

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I have a 2015 Mondeo Titanium 2.0tdi(x-pack) which has had a frustrating problem since I bought it. The start/stop system doesn't always work even though the correct temperature criteria is met and for the 2nd time since i've owned it the Heated front screen doesn't work. I know this is probably down to battery condition because every time i visit the dealer they charge the battery and everything works. On the last visit I asked why the battery was discharging and was told the charging system was fine. Its frustrating because there must be something not right but the dealer don't seem to want to investigate. The car is going in for the same fault again on monday but i'm guessing it'll be the same outcome.

Has anyone else suffered the same issue?

Thanks in advance


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years ago I had a car where the battery would drain. The alternator seemed to charge fine but the problem was in the rectifier pack built into the back of the alternator. It was letting battery power leak back slowly through the alternator when left parked.  A rectifier pack is made up of diodes. A diode is like a valve and only lets power go one way and blocks it going in the opposite direction. I would tell them you want the alternator testing in such a way to see if power is leaking back through it when parked.  I have no idea what their reaction will be. 

You could disconnect the alternator every time you park and see if it makes a difference over time but it's not a practical solution

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Thanks for the reply, I'll mention that to the dealer although I'm not holding my breath. They don't seem to want to investigate, in fact the customer service person just says his car does the same and its voltage drop. No one seems concerned why its dropping... I do 25 miles a day to work so it gets a reasonable run everyday. Shame really as I'm really pleased with the car other than these faults





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I had this fault, dealer fitted a capacitor part (presume this hold some charge) but later fault came back, after a few visits I asked them to check battery and they fitted one on warranty, all ok again for a few months but fault came back. After complaining to Ford, it went back in and I think they adjusted a setting because it was ok for a while but the last 3 days no stopping again although it is very cold at moment?

Take it back and demand they look at it as you bought car with stop/start technology!

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Hi, I have also an mk5 with this issue. A faulty battery caused this and a windscreen that wouldn't heat .

After placing a new battery, the S-S was still not working, for over 2 months , untill now it suddenly began to work,

and the conditions to work were not respected: safety belt was not on, outside temp was 0 degree, etc

Very strange

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Im having s-s issues and heated front screen randomly working as well so im going to change the battery .

I have a 2015 Ecoboost Hatch 1.5 and would like to ask if there is anything to be weary of when changing the battery or is it just a straight forward swap .

Using Tayna website it says this will be suitable and the dimensions and post positions are correct ... its about 9mm taller but looking at the car it should fit.



Will there be any issues with the radio/nav or any of the cars systems ?



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