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Fiesta timing belt tensioner

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Ok so basically ive recently done a friends cambelt on a fiesta 2009 1.25. its all good or so i hope as i work on one brand fords are not my area. I brought the lockings tools ect. And followed a sort print out of steps by steps from a mates garage. But i watched a vid after and its thrown me off so need some reassuance. So anyway i stripped it down locking cams and crank. Removed tensioner and changed water pump. Now i slackeden off cam sprockets very slighlty. Replaced the new coolant pump, when i fitted the new tensioner which had a little cut out in the engine for to sit correct. it had pin in pre tensioned so i torqued it to 20nm then fitted belt still leaving cams sprocket loose. I pulled pin which then tensioned belt i counter held cam and tightened cams sprockets. Fitted all parts starts and runs fine. But later on ive seen a vid of a guy changing one that doesn't loosen cam sprockes and semi tightens tensioner pulls tensioner pin then retightened? Have i tensioned this belt wrong ??? Now on loads of vw the tensioner has to be put in a location then tightened but fords are different or are they ? 

Anyone know thanks 

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you have done it correctly from what i can make out. the idea of slackening the cam sprockets is to allow the timing to be set as close to perfect as possible. By not doing so you are assuming they are bang on already.

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Thanks.. thought i did it right it was more so the tensioner. As on the vid they only hand tightened it fitted belt pull pin to tensioned it then torqued tensioner fully. Surley it sits in a location point on the engine so doesnt move anyway. The aux belt was a pain more didnt have that stretch tool 😂 

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