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A Bit Of Trim Detailing


Rear Bumper / Dash ---- i was bored lol

Friday afternoon and bored so off to Halfords picked up some chrome detail bead 3.5mm x 3.5m £9.99.

2011-09-23 16.49.48.jpg

Fits perfect onto the recess on the lower side of the rear bumper

2011-09-23 16.53.52.jpg

2011-09-23 16.59.58.jpg

2011-09-23 17.00.07.jpg

Happy with it fits nice , and looks nice , may have a problem getting to
rear towing hitch but i don't intend towing anyone soon anyway lol

So now sat there thinking what to do with the remaining bead unsure.gif

Liked Lenny's Silver Stereo surround , so i set about having a mess around with the left over trim.

I'm 50/50 at the moment as too leave or remove . Heres what i did.

2011-09-23 17.23.46.jpg

2011-09-23 17.30.27.jpg

Finished no bead left to play

2011-09-23 17.38.13.jpg

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