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Diy Guide To Fitting Reverse Camera And Screen

Posted by BrownMotoring on Dec 13 2013 04:12 PM

Before I start a big thinks to TomRoscoe. It was his idea for this brilliant low cost mod and here’s his reverse camera installation: http://www.fordowner...era-and-screen/


There is overlap between Tom’s approach and mine so all credit to Tom where that’s the case.


The theory is that a camera mounted in to the rear of the car takes its power from the reverse light bulb so when you engage reverse the camera powers up and sends a signal to the monitor to power up also. Brilliant and more fun the normal parking sensors.


Truth be told I hate the look of reverse sensors running the width of the bumper and can’t justify the cost of them just now. So I found TomRosco’s installation, asked a few questions and had a bash.


What I’ve ended up with though is a full reverse camera system for £25 and maybe 3hrs graft. With this in mind I thought I’d put something back and build on the information Tom provided that got me up and running, and I have documented my adventures in case anyone else wants a go at installing their own reverse camera.



Hopefully you will see a PDF document attached to this post with all the details of my installation including lots of photo's and step by step instructions.


Attached File  Reverse Camera.pdf   3.04MB   4032 downloads



Go steadily, take care and do your homework as your car may have different coloured cables etc to mine. All common sense stuff really but hopefully the info TomRoscoe and myself have provided should be enough.


Good luck and let's hear how other folks get on.