Fiesta Mk7 Drl Fitting Guide!

Fitted some DRLs to my MK7 today so thought I would do a quick guide on how to install them.

First up you need to buy a set of DRLs. There are loads of options for this and it is down to personal preference which ones you want. I bought some flexible LED strips.

Next up you need to get a relay. This is needed so that the DRLs turn off when your headlights turn on. Here is the one I bought:

**********EDIT 11/11/2012*************

Right so I decided that these LEDs looked naff when they wernt turned on so I wanted to do something about it. Here is what I did:

I bought some 70mm CCFL Halo rings. These DO NOT work with a DRL inverter as they have their own power ballasts.

Unfortunately i dont have a link to the rings I bought.

I then took the actual CCFL ring out from the halo's plastic case, leaving me with the plastic shell.

I then inserted these LED halo rings

The reason I didnt just fit these is because they just look terrible on their own and the halo case really hides it. So now when they are off there are just white rings on the fog lights, not those nasty cheap looking LEDs.
Also, its a perfect circle now which makes it look a million times better. Here's how it looks now.



First of all you need to fix the DRLs to your car. This will vary depending on where you are putting them and what type of DRL they are, so i cant really advise you too much on how to do this. Mine just stick on with strong 3M double sided tape.

Once you have fitted the DRLs it's time to wire them up.

The best way to do this is to remove the headlights to give you better access (in my case, the backs of the fog lights).

Once the lights are removed, bring the wires from the DRLs over the the near side of the engine bay (side with the battery). In my case I had to buy extra wire to get the offside DRL to reach the other side of the engine bay.

Connect the wires from the DRLs to the black wires coming from the relay.

Now its time to connect the relay.

The blue wire connects to the battery earth. This is where I connected mine:

And then connect the red wire to the positive terminal:

You then have one orange wire left on the relay.

This has to be connected to the positive wire of the headlight (allowing it to turn off when the headlights are on).

The wire comes off the plug that goes into the back of the headlight. The wires are numbered and it is NUMBER 1 that you need to conect the orange wire of the relay to:

To save you cutting into your car electrics I bought a pack of these for 99p:

Put the crimp over the wire and insert the orange wire to the other side from the relay. Squeeze it with some pliers and clip it shut.

Now this is all connected up, try it out.

Turn the engine on, after a few seconds the DRLs should turn on. turn your side lights on....the DRLs should still be on. Turn your dipped beams on.... if done correctly, they should now be off.

If this is all working correctly it's time to clean up...

Get a packet of small cable ties and secure and loose wires and secure the relay down:

Wack the headlights back in and voila!


This relay also includes a 'follow me home' feature which means that they will stay on for 20 seconds after the engine is turned off.

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