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! Guide ! Fitting A 12V Socket In The Boot Mk7

One thing I find lacking with the Fiesta is not having a 12v socket in the boot for running accessories or a cool box when going out for the day - so I decided to fit one.

Here’s how I did it.

Firstly the parcel shelf support trim needs to be removed. This is best done with the rear seat reclined:


Now for the wiring.
For my requirements I need around 7A. That is too much to load onto any existing circuit around the rear of the car, so I decided to run a new feed from the fuse box.
I ordered 5m of thinwall 11A cable. When it arrived I was surprised at how thin it was!
After some reassurance from the supplier that it will be fine (fingers crossed), I also ordered a fuse adaptor, a 10A fuse and various crimp terminals.

I then set about installing it all.

To access the fuse box behind the glovebox, first empty the glovebox and squeeze the sides together so that the glovebox can open fully exposing the fuse panel behind.


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