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Access Rear Light Bulbs On Mark 7

1. Open boot and remove the 2 screws attaching the light cluster to the back of the car. A small flat blade or a torx 25 screwdriver will do it.

2. Inside the boot pull back the side carpet behind the cluster. Starting at the boot-latch end ease out and pull back the carpet all the way to about halfway back towards the rear seat. There are no clips to break it should come out pretty easily

3 You now have access to the back of the light cluster. There is a small rectangular hole there and just inside that you will find a long wingnut. Unscrew and remove

4. The cluster can now be eased out. There are no clips to break, just 2 push studs on the outside of the cluster which can be pulled out of the back of the car.

5. Before removing it too far disconnect the wiring block at the back so that the cluster becomes free.

6. The bulbs are held into the cluster by two clips - press those back and the bulb section can be removed

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