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  • Added on: Dec 13 2013 11:38 PM
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  • Tools Required?: torx screw driver<br />standard screw driver<br />metal wire (i used a hanger)<br />Led strips or lights<br />glue<br />

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Fiesta Mk7 MK8 under door puddle lights install

Posted by pkaadil on Dec 13 2013 11:38 PM

Firstly you will need to remove the door card as you will be mounting the lights underneath them and wiring behind the door card






after you have removed the door card, you will then need to slowly pull on the rubber tubing from which all the wiring is running through. You will then to run the led wire, for this you will need to use the metal hanger and then tape on the wire from the light and push it through. 


Removing your glovebox would be a great help as there is a flap from were the wire will come through. i wired my lights using scotch clips in to the footwell lights.




once you have tested the lights work correctly, you will then need to stick them down on the bottom of the door card. for this i used glue as the sticky tape on the led strips was no good. 




once secured in the desired place, secure the wire on to the door using gaffer tape as you don't want the wire vibrating due to the speaker. Refit the door card and away you go