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Removing Mk7 Rear upper Tailgate Panel


How to remove rear tailgate panel

I Recently posted this on zsoc thought it may be useful as a guide

The panel I talking about is the one highlighted in red below -


How to Open the panel:
First of all remove the Rear wiper (13mm) Bolt then pull it away. Mine was seized on so if that is the case with yours use some pliers being careful not to hit the screen.
Remove the interior bootlid cover, i dont have any pics of this.
With the cover off you will see the wiper motor which is held on by 3 8mm bolts. undo them then pull motor out.
Once that is off you will see a thin metal frame which surrounded the wiper motor this also has 3 8mm bolts remove them and pull it off.
Now theres some room the bolts holding the outer bootlid trim can be removed, i think they were 10mm bolts. There are 6 in total, 2 in the middle 2 on the left and 2 on the right. Look at the pics below for guidance.
The left of the bootlid with 2 bolts
The middle
The right:
The panel is now loose and ready to be removed however there are two small clips that still need to be undone. On the right side and the left side of the boot there is a clip just above the second lower bolt. simply squeeze it with your thumb and index finger whilst pushing outwards. Close the boot and ease out the panel and unclip the wires from the inside of the panel freeing it from the car.

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