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*Guide* Loading Bluefin on your EcoBoost Fiesta 100 / 125 / 140ps


Guide and links for anyone wanting to remap there fiesta using a bluefin device from Superchips.

100ps Technical data and link to buying handset


100bhp Bluefin.jpg

125ps Technical data and link to buying handset


125bhp Bluefin.jpg


140ps Technical data and link to buying handset


Genral info


http://www.mybluefin...oftware/bluefin installation . zip

The install is really easy.

1. Plug the Bluefin handset into your OBD port. This is found to the right of the steering wheel in a little cubby hole near your right knee.


2. follow the easy instructions on the Bluefin screen. It will ask you to turn your ignition on (DON'T start the car) and follow a set of instructions. It will save your cars original map onto the handset which takes about 10 minutes. once done turn off ignition, remove handset.


3. Install the Bluefin software from Superchips on your PC/laptop (Mac isn't compatible)

4. Plug the Bluefin handset into your PC with the USB cable provided. wait for the drivers to be installed. Run the Bluefin software and enter your personal details (internet connection required)

Posted Image

5. Connect to there server and upload the handset.

Posted Image

6. Wait for your map to be sent to you via email.

Posted Image

7. Connect handset to PC and run the Bluefin software. Click connect and wait for the map to load to the handset

Posted Image

8. Now out to the car an plug into the OBD port again. Turn ignition on (don't start)

9. Follow the on screen instructions.

Posted Image

Posted Image

Your car will start getting a bit unsettled at this point and display some interesting errors. Just ignore them and carry on.

Posted Image

Posted Image

10. Once its all installed you'll get this message

Posted Image

Keep following the remaining instructions then your done.

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