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  • Added on: Feb 01 2014 09:54 PM
  • Date Updated: Feb 01 2014 10:00 PM
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  • Tools Required?: Socket set, pliers.
  • Time Taken?: 5hrs

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EGR & Inlet manifold removal and cleaning and Resonator removal

EGR and Inlet manifold removal and cleaning,
Removal of resonator between turbo and intercooler.

Posted by matto2494 on Feb 01 2014 09:54 PM
Please note this is for a rear mounted EGR but the principle is the same for the front mounted.
This weekend i have removed the EGR and inlet manifold for cleaning and degunking.
the first step is to remove the plastic cover on the engine exposing the internal gubbins.
Posted Image
then remove battery tray and airbox to allow access to the EGR valve.
Posted Image
Remove the inlet by removing the 9 bolts holding the inlet on. also remove the earth cable that is looped through the manifold.
Posted Image
I used Brake cleaner and wd40 to clean up the inlet a wheel brush i bought from halfrauds and lots of industrial role.
Next i removed the metal pipe that runs from the EGR to the inlet to clean it heres how i removed it.
Posted Image
where the two holes are there was 2x 12mm bolts, remove these and this end of the pipe becomes free.
you then need to follow the pipe all the way to the back of the engine and remove the the 2 8mm bolts from the other end of the pipe.
Posted Image
once the pipe is removed you can get good access to the EGR valve.
2x 8mm bolts need to be undone to remove it (picture was taken after cleaning :P)
Posted Image
remove the EGR valve and give it a good clean out
Posted Image
Posted Image
I cleaned all the interconnecting pipes as these where very mucky, again cleaned with wd40 brake cleaner and lots of cleaning roll.
Whilst i had access to the resonator connected between the turbo and intercooler, i removed it and replaced with a straight silicone radiator hose.
Posted Image
Posted Image
Posted Image
all thats left to do is to put it all back together.
Once its buttoned up turn it on and let it clear its throat, mine coughed a nice big puff of nasty smog out the back, now she is running lovely and smooth better power and no smoke!!
heres one of some of the rag i was using to clean up the parts, nice and gunked up.
Posted Image