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  • Added on: May 27 2014 05:34 PM
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Fiesta MK 7.5 Hardwired USB charger

Posted by negendahl on May 27 2014 05:34 PM
I did a hardware USB charger installation on my Fiesta Titanium 2014, and decided to
create a guide that explains what I did. Note that my car is Danish, so my drivers side is left.

I did my installation with the Brodit kit for my Nexus 5, mounted near the front window in the drivers side:
Posted Image
What you need:
- Normal 12v to USB connector, I got something like this:
Posted Image
- Some wire
- A soldering iron
- Insulation tape
- A “power theif”, looks like this (Sorry, don’t know the English name for it):
Posted Image
- A fuse box connector for mini fuses, looks like this (Sorry, don’t know the English name for it):
Posted Image       
- A 10amp mini fuse       
- A power tester – used something like this:
Posted Image

How you do it:
1. Tear apart the 12v to USB power connector, simply use a screw driver or something to open it up and remove all plastic parts.
2. Grap your soldering iron and sholder connections for plus and minus on. Minus comes from the frame of the
connector, where plus is from the end (in most cases it will be a spring)
It should look something like this (blue= minus, red = plus):

Posted Image
3. Access the fuse box (located behind the glove compartment) and use your tester to find an available slot, that is
live when ignition is on. Plug your fuse connector into this slot, with a 10amp
fuse in the upper socket (if you have the same car as me, and the slot I used
is available I would think you could use that without any problem)

Posted Image
Posted Image
4. Pull the cable through the center console – in the back, towards the engine room you can get your hand through,
and run the wire behind the center console.
5. Find your minus here, mine was located in the upper footwell of the drivers side (towards the window) use your
“power theif” to connect to the minus
Posted Image
6. When all is wired up, plug in a USB cable to your device and turn on the ignition to test.
7. Insulate the USB connector, so it doesn’t get damaged, I just used some insulation tape.
8. Fasten the USB connector somewhere inside the car, mounted mine just over the pedals in the “roof” of the footwell:
Posted Image
9. Plug in the USB cable and run it behind the seal to the mount

Posted Image
Posted Image
And you should be all done :)
English is not my native language, so for any misunderstandings or corrections please do write.