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Fiesta Mk7 and 7.5 Dual Fog Upgrade

ok to start of with, i was pretty jealous of the focus as you could have dual fogs which look loads better imo.

so things you will need

LHD fiesta fog light unit and found this

if you ask them for the fog unit for a LHD car they will send you one around 3-4weeks as its from italy.

you will need these


and one of these

and these Cree Q5 red led Fog lights

so first thing first the light holder doesn't quite fit the fog unit so a little modification i needed as in the picture i have to cut away some little slots for the holder to sit ok and sealed in place with the led in place



so once thats done the i cripmed the bulb holder to some cable and used some little power sharers to power the new fog light

first out at the car i removed the tow cover and then the diffusor so i had more access, then i removed a little tab so i could pull the bumper out a little

and after removing just 2 screws but a whole lot of time and hassle later due to no space to work the reflector unit is out


it would have been easier to remove the bumper but hey ho

then after wrestling the new fog unit back into place, putting the 2 screws back in and making it line up and tiding the cable up around the crash bar with some cable ties, i also changed the original fog bulb for the cree one so they look the same.

so here is the result


then i just reattached the diffusor and added the tow cover and job done :)

looks so much better!!!


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