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mondeo mk3 autodimiing rearview mirror on focus mk1/1.5 & fiesta mk6

this was previously posted on mondeo chat section, now that i know this mod is possible, i decided to to post on here, The above will fit the mk1 & mk1.5 2002 face lift focus. This also possible to fit on fiesta mk6 & maybe other models,providing the baseplate attached to screen is the same. the mirror wiring plug has 3 wires 1 is earth,2green/red wires in which one goes to reverse light(not needed &the other green/red is to go to pin 16 on the light switch connecter block. will post pics up once ffoc website starts running again. just ensure the auto dimming mirror comes from 2003 or earlier as later ones has different base.yuni
below shows directions to which way it comes off by pressing 2 .



on the multiplug of the mirror:
pin1=12v ignition to the headlight light switch.also can usefor submarine light so can take a feed ready for future mod.(green/red)
pin2=earth-black. can go to courtesay light as theirs earth (black)
pin3 12v reverse light(not needed)

please note, the mirror on left with round sticker is standard focus, see base plate has a metal base plate(pic on right)this is usually on the screen ,as this is come from breakers ,they pull the entire thing together, which in that case the plate needs sliding off towards the wider part of black base by pushing down metal clip which has 2 studs stopping it, you need to push down to free the slide at the same time pushing the silver base plate from the oval end.







above is the baseplate as you would see when you take the exhisting mirror off, if the same then no problem ( the pic is the same as on the focus 2002.

the base on the right is of a later one (enhanced).

the later mirror with water sensor.this mirror does not have a switch.
to remove the above mirror, remove the trim & water sensor then turn the mirror at the stalk 60 degrees.

please note on the earlier mirror (autodimmer) the wire from mirror to headlining will be visble.(1st pic)




please note in the last 3 pics the wire visible above the mirror leading to the headlining & the 3 wired multiplug in the back of the mirror, the green illumenated light shows when you switch your lights on ,this mirror can be switched off as it has off button.
run the wire across the headlining to the drivers side pillar & behind upto the headlight switch & connect to pin 16 by usingconnecter blocks or solder &insulating tape wrapped,ensure the wire doesnt get trapped in the trim ,i tape it to pillar out of the way.yunii

Focus titanium ,Moondust silver,with keyless entry,keyfree system, power start button,criuse control,heated front seats,ST225 alloys,tinted windows, rear park sensors, global closing, auto wipers/lights, dab/cd,tyre deflation detection system,Dmb carbon/chrome gel badges, round heater knobs, ST225 spoiler,powerfold mirrors with puddle lamps, DRL's & the build diary has started......

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