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Fix stiff gear selection when hot - Fiesta Mk6 (ST150, Zetec, Zetec S)

I had a problem on my ST150 for a while where when the engine and gearbox got hot shifting gears became really awful, felt like you were pushing through treacle. I'd had my gearbox reconditioned about 6 months ago so I was thinking it couldn't be that, or if it was I was going to give them a good :censored: talking to but anyway, after some research I find the solution and root cause of the issue. There weren't many pictures for the solution (I need pictures :P ) so I made a video guide on how to do it.


The bushes on the which the gearbox linkage lever pivots dry out and expand with the heat causing the lever not to pivot easily.


Remove the lever, ream/drill the bushes, regrease and refit.

Tools Required

- 8mm socket
- 12mm drill bit / reamer
- Screwdriver
- Automotive grease (copper slip may do the job but use grease if you have it)
- Trolley jack and axle stands / ramps

Time to Complete Job

About 20-45 mins

This seems to be a common problem on the ST150 but I've also heard this happen on the Zetec and Zetec S.

Hopefully this guide will stop people spending loads of money getting a replacement gearbox or paying lots of ££££ to get their one reconditioned when there is no need.

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