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  • Added on: Apr 23 2012 07:55 PM
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2011/12 ford focus DRL lights

Posted by andy1970 on Apr 23 2012 07:55 PM
Hi all just to let you know the current situation with ford and the fitting of headlights with DRLs. Hit and miss some cars have them some don't and it dosent make a difference which spec you have. I have spoken to ford and several delers and they will not give a reason why it seems to be random fitment to the cars, I have fitted aftermarket to mine and whilst looking for a 12 volt switched live with ingition on hey presto would you belive it on the plug connector to the head lights there it was a 12 volt switched live but why would it be there we ask if ford won't fit the DRLs because they should be fitting the lights with DRLs as per EU regs for all motors new after feb 2011 they just cantbe botherd to fit the correct lights.
So the job is done will post pics as soon as.