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  • Added on: Sep 26 2012 09:07 PM
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  • Tools Required?: Flat head screwdriver, torx screw driver / ratchet. (I think its T20 or T25, a selection would be best) Soldering equipment
  • Time Taken?: 30 mins if confident and prepared
  • Cost of Parts/Accessories?: 3mm 12V LEDs from maplins will cost about 3-4.
  • List Parts Used?: Some low amp wire (1.5m) suitable for 12V LEDs. Snap/Scotch lock connector (1) and finally two, 3mm LEDs suitable for 12V.

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Guide to fitting ambient 'Submarine' lighting. Focus, Fiesta, Mondeo

This guide is to help you install submarine style lighting as some fiesta's have and also the focus ST and RS models have as standard. This guide shows you how to install LEDs into the standard unit for a cheap mod, but the wiring set-up can be used for any units retrofitted that already have the LEDs.

Posted by Haz93 on Sep 26 2012 09:07 PM
This guide is suitable for the light unit show in the PDF, it may be possible to do this for other units too but not guaranteed

Please take your time to complete this guide

Attached File  Guide to fit Submarine Lights.pdf   1.48MB   1870 downloads

I shall not be held responsible for damage you cause to your vehicle.

If you need extra advise please PM me