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Guide To Fitting Wing Mirror Repeaters To MK2 Focus (Pre Facelift)

Parts required:

Wing mirror covers with the space for indicators:


Wing mirror indicator units:



Speaker wire:


Insulation tape:


Fabric loom tape:


I did this mod a while ago but a little later than promised, here's the guide.

Guide not finished yet though as I still need to take a few better photos for various bits so please bear with me. I started taking it apart earlier n took a few photos but ran out of day light.

Here's what I've done so far.

To begin this mod you will need the repeater units and the new wing mirror covers. Shop around though as you may be able to find the parts used and much cheaper from breakers than the new parts listed above.

In my case, I managed to get a pair of complete mirrors with repeaters for 50quid, a lot less than what new parts would of cost me.

Here's what I started off with:


At that price, I took a punt on buying the complete mirrors on the off chance they would be plug and play, even though I knew this was unlikely.

I was right and quickly found that the plugs for the new mirrors was a lot bigger than the mirrors without repeaters so they would not plug straight in:


Not a problem though as it is simple enough to wire the indicators into your existing mirrors and I'll now show you how.

First step is to remove your wing mirror. To do this, first pull the speaker cover off:


(Door card removal is not necessary, I removed it for an entirely different mod I'm in the middle of)

Once that's out the way, there's a screw to remove:


Then flop down the inner plastic trim.

The mirrors are held on by another little screw and a big beefy 10mm bolt:


Once you've got rid of them, unplug the mirror n it'll simply lift out.

What I did next is simply cut the indicators off my new mirrors:


If you bought the indicators on their own you obviously don't have to do this.

Next you have to route a length of speaker wire though your existing mirror so first step is to remove your current wing mirror covers:


These simply pull off if you get your finger tips under the edge of the covers, or use a small flat blade screwdriver if you need to.

When routing the wire, thread it straight downwards through this round hole:


You should see it appear out the end of the mirror by the plug wire where you can pull it through:


Then thread the rest of the wire through the mirror and pull it out where the indicator would go.

You now need splice the indicator wires to the speaker wire n tape em up.

On the indicator, live is brown and earth is black. On the speaker wire, live is red and earth is black. So splice brown to red and black to black:


Then clip the indicator in place:


Next step is to swap your mirror covers over and put your new covers on your old mirrors.

Once you've threaded the wire through the mirror, fit the mirror back to the car and pull the speaker wire through where the mirror plug goes:


Now refit the trim pieces in reverse of how you took them off:


Route the speaker wire down the side of the doorway:


And took it in the door seal to hide it:


At the bottom you need to pull it through the seal and over the rubber conduit:


This is the only bit of the wire that'll really be visible cause you can route it up the back of the conduit out the way.

You need then to cable tie it to the conduit as pictured above so it will look a little messy but it'll all be worth it and you won't really notice it day to day.

When it's at the top of the conduit, you need to thread it though the gap between the panels:


Use a small flat blade screwdriver to remove your wing panel indicator and remove the lens cover from the bulb holder.

Now you need to pull the speaker wire through. If necessary you could use a wire coat hanger to route the wire across the panel

You now need to wire your new indicators to your existing indicators loom.

So cut off your current indicator:


And you now need to splice the speaker wire to the indicator loom.

This time, Blue/red is live and black is still earth. So red to blue/red and black to black.

Do the earth wire first then the live:


Most people use crimp connectors or splice blocks but personally I don't see the need. Also, I've heard stories of splice blocks simply vibrating loose while driving along.

As long as you wrap the copper wire tightly together:


And wrap it tightly in insulation tape:


You got nothing to worry about.

What I would do though for extra insulation and in case you get any water leaks, is wrap it tightly in fabric loom tape also:


Then refit your empty old indicator lenses and your all finished and you can leave it there.

This will look strange though so what you can do is get hold of chrome blanking plates that say ford, titanium etc on them. This sort of thing:

http://www.fordparts...e badge&x=0&y=0

But as I already had all the necessary paint and primer and lacquer laying around, what I did is spray my indicator lenses the same colour as the rest of the car:



Personally I'm really happy with my spraying and they look good just colour coded to the car

If you was building an ST replica or something, you could even get the ST wing panel badges to stick over the holes.

Once finished, Hit your hazards and admire your work:

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awesome guide mate!

Nice one mate, would you say it's detailed enough or could more be added?

I need to take a few better photos to insert in various places but I struggle for day light to actually take em lol

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Hello everyone, sorry to resurrect an old thread, but I decided that I could give this mod a try, but I couldn't for the live of me get the wire through the mirror and out of it. Basically as seen on the pic here:


Is there a trick to get it through along the original wiring? 

(Currently, I don't want to buy the mirrors with repeaters already in them and re-pin the connectors, I'm comfortable with "visible" wire for now)


Thanks a lot for your help!


//EDIT: nevermind, figured it out :) repeaters are done :)

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