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Guide: Fitting Bonnet Strut kit mk2 and Mk2.5 Focus

I have purchased this very well built Custom bonnet strut kit for ford focus

From a company called Visual-PerformanceUK on ebay.co.uk

They stock and supply two different models of the kit depending on what model of focus you own,

For the Mk2 Focus (2005-2008)


For the Mk2.5 Focus (2008-2010)


This guide shows fitting the Mk2.5 bonnet strut damper kit linked above.

So here is what you get in the kit:




As you can see in the images above,

Each of the fitting brackets are pre-labeled for straight forward easy to follow fitting.

Once the locations for each bracket have been noted. The labels can be easily removed for cosmetic purposes using a warm damp cloth.

The kit also comes with a small tub of grease and a Cotton bud for easy application of the stuff without messing up your hands or trousers.

Once you have set out all of the fitting kit and required tools.

Go out to your focus and open the bonnet, then position the stock bonnet support bracket for the last time.


Then using a Philips head screwdriver and begin to remove the screw head grommet on the side wing panels.

I find it ideal to use a plastic drinks bottle cut in half and keep all small fixings in it until they are required for refitting. Costs nothing and helps to ensure no parts get lost.


Once removed

Trace up to the top of the panel and lift the end off the rubber strip.


I have looked in to removing this plastic panel for easier trimming but as you can see in the images below;

The side fender plastic trim panels are well bolted under the front wiper panel which spans the width of the car making complete removal of the plastic fender panels a bigger job than worth,

However fitting is possible without 100% removal of the plastic panels.

Remove the metal clips that grip the wiper panel.


Gently lift the corner of the windscreen wiper panel to reveal a Torx Screw.

Using a 90degree elbow allen key; remove this screw and store safely with the other bits.

Once removed.

You should now have enough free play in the panels

To gently lift the plastic side panel and locate the side panel bolt.

Please note: lift the panel just enough to allow the socket wrench to remove the bolt, do not lift too high or fast because the panel would be liable to snap or crack when put under unnecessary strain.




When the bolt has been removed.

Obtain the specific bracket for this side of the bonnet aswell as two serrated washers from the kit.

Fit 1 x serrated washer on to the bolt

Followed by the bracket,

And finally the second ser4ated washer.



Now bring back to the car and fit in place,

The flat edges on the bracket aswell as the pre-drilled hole make fitting a breeze because it lines itself up perfectly without fail.

When bolting it all down,

Just lightly tighten because fitting at this stage is just for cutting purposes and not final fit.

When in place it should look somthing like this:



Time to get the Dremil out.

With safety glasses on and dremil in hand.

Set the rotational speed to 3 or less.

Then examine the plastic panel,

Gently lift the panel up from the bracket a little so as not to hit it when cutting.

Then begin to cut out the panel to allow w snug fit down around the new bracket.








When complete

It should look somthing like this:


At this stage of the guide,

Its easiest to repeat all of the above steps on the opposite side.



When the panels have been cut to shape,

Remove the brackets from both sides of the car.

Open the grease and using the supplied cotton bud.

Apply grease to the ball joints on both brackets, aswell as the ball joint sockets on the struts themselves.

Take care not to bend or buckle the struts because a small bend can render them usless.

The struts will lift out of the top foam packaging insulation but it is required to cut the foam from around the lower section of the struts.




Now for the tricky part.

Find a work bench or wooden surface with a smooth edge.

You need to line up the greased ball joint with the greased ball socket and hammer the socket on to the ball joint.

Prior to this:

Ensure all are greased.

Ensure the fender brackets are fitted to the thin end of the struts.

And the bonnet brackets to the fat end of the struts.

Finally take care not to bend struts when hammering.

If you could squeeze them in a vice then that would be easier but if like me, you dont have access to a vice then a hammer is the only alternative.

When ball joints are togeather,

Grab a cup of tea/coffee because its all down hill from here.

on the bonnet remove the nut from the bolt on both sides of the car.


Fit supplied serrated washer to the bonnet bolt followed by the bonnet bracket and nut.

Re-fit the side panel brackets fitting serrated washers as instructed one on top and one underneath.

Finally tighten all nuts and bolts on both sides then undo the stock bonnet support and trial the opening and closing of the bonnet 7 - 12 times slowly and listening for any sounds of strain or crackle.

Strain or crackle is NOT TO BE EXPECTED

This kit runs smooth and silent when fitted tight and secure.

But its good practice to ensure all is running smoothly before removing the stock bonnet ßupport completly from the car.

Thats the Guide complete,

Thanks for reading and i hope it helps, any Questions PM or e-mail me at: leonard.woods@live.ie

Also special thanks to Visual-PerformanceUK for supplying a very well built custom fit product top respect.

Here are some images of the finished results.

Ow and take note to ensure the washer pipe and loom for the bonnet runs below the bracket as saw in the image below to prevent snagging in the strut.







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