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Replacing Ford Focus Mk2.5 Upper Grille

Posted by TDCiST on Jan 09 2013 09:03 PM
Guys and Girls,

Please find attached my guide for replacing the upper front grille on the Ford Focus Mk2.5.

This guide can be used for modifying to the ST grille or for direct replacement of your original grille.

For those who wish to know, the FINIS number for the ST Grille is 1538478. Quote this at any ford dealer and they will confirm its an ST Grille.

Please note, the bonnet lock mechanism is quite fragile and is known to break easily. This happened to me, and although i have included a fix in my guide, I cannot be held responsible for any breakages!!

Happy Modifying!

Attached File  Upper Front Grille Replacement.pdf   1.59MB   1784 downloads