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  • Added on: Aug 21 2013 04:33 AM
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  • Tools Required?: Scissors or craft knife, pliers, medium flat -head screwdriver
  • Time Taken?: 1/2 an hour
  • Cost of Parts/Accessories?: About 10 - 20
  • List Parts Used?: Replacement Leather gearGaiter

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Fitting / Replacing leather gearshift surround / gaiter on Mk3 Mondeo

How to fit a leather gaiter surround on Mk3 Mondeo - May apply to other fords - Focus / Fiesta etc

Posted by FOCA on Aug 21 2013 04:33 AM

I thought my gearshift gaiter was looking a bit scabby -


IMG_0368- gaiter 1st -500.JPG


So i bought a Genuine leather gearshift gaiter, i went for the black leather with black stitching, but other colours are available -


IMG_0380- gaiter fitted -square crop-500 .JPG


Ist i unscrewed the gearknob -


IMG_0369- gaiter - 2nd 500.JPG


Then the trim lifts from the back with the screwdriver (carefully)-


IMG_0370-gaiter 3rd - 500.JPG


the gaiter and surround then comes away from the console plate - then the trim has to be seperated from the trim (careful - its delicate) i used pliers and scissors -  


IMG_0374- gaiter - 500 pliers scissors.JPG


Once the remnants of the old gaiter are removed - I lined up the new one -


IMG_0372- gaiter - line up-500.JPG


I then carefully hooked the new gaiter onto the back of the console plate -


IMG_0376-gaiter fitting leather bottom 500.JPG


The trim then gets fitted onto the bottom -


IMG_0377-gaiter -  nearly there 500- .JPG


I used superglue for this - i recommend you take it away from the car, wear gloves, put lots of newspaper down/ mask everything if you use superglue


The plate/ new gaiter and the gearstick gets fitted back on -


- finished! -  


IMG_0380- gaiter fitted -square crop-500 .JPG