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Foray Motor Group - South Coast - 0% Finance Offer

03 October 2013 - 01:29 PM

Offer sent through to us for Club Members


For a fantastic special offer it has to be Foray! See below for some amazing new car deals.

0% finance on any new car sold and registered in October from Foray group stock.

Save up to an additional £1,500 when financed with Ford Credit.

All cars must be financed with Ford Credit on a 2 year options agreement with a minimum 20% deposit.


Click here to visit Foray Motor Group website for more info

Win Car Care Products - Just Like A Page, Easy Peasy Lemon Squeezy!

19 September 2013 - 01:05 PM

Win A Set of Car Care Products


All you need to do is follow Pro-Valetson Facebook for a chance to be entered. All entries before now and the 30th of September will be entered. 5 Kits to be won.

Also, if you ever have questions about valeting then you can ask on Pro-Valets for expert advice, free of charge! So, Like their page





Winners will be announced shortly after the 30th of September.

Crappy Tesco Fuel, Flashing Cel And The Archoil Solution

14 August 2013 - 11:59 AM

I have been using crappy Tesco fuel for a while, missus wants the tesco club card points :(


I see Esso will soon offer Tesco club card points which hopefully make the fuel quality better. Look forward to that


EGR valves are a pain when they get sooted up and have found in my other car that using better fuel stations the EGR vavle got less sooted up.


I bought some of the Archoil AR6400-D product. I only stuck half in to half a tank of fuel just to see what happens, never really put additives in before so did not want to add the whole lot in just in  case.


I must say after running about 30 quid of diesel the engine now ticks over better on stand still and the performance of the engine feels better. I have not been on a long run yet, I think I will need to run the full treatment first.


I had been getting engine light on for about 2 months but never got a chance to get it checked out, but the engine light has gone away about 20 litres in to the treatment.


I recommend giving it a shot in your Diesel if you run cheaper fuel, but can be used in all Diesels anyway as it has many benefits.


Also the club has a discount code: FORDCLUB  when buying via PowerEnhancer.co.uk



Ford Fair 2013 Tickets Available

05 August 2013 - 11:15 AM

Hi Guys


I have 4 Tickets for Ford Fair this Sunday


I would like to sell 1 ticket per car. The ticket will include a stand pass.


Ford Fair is the largest Ford event in the UK with over 117 ford clubs attending. This will be on the 11th of August 2013 at Silverstone.


Tickets are £18 and we will send a stand pass with the ticket so you can park on the FOC stand.


Any Ford is welcome, even if it's a van, so don't be shy if you have a basic Ford.. thats what's FOC is all about. We love any Ford!



Please message me for a ticket.


If you already have a ticket and want to park with FOC then send me a message, we have free stand passes. But you must park with FOC.




Focus Diesel Dpf Cleaner - Club Discount

01 August 2013 - 10:33 AM

Vehicle age combined with higher bio-fuel content in today’s diesel fuels is making DPF regeneration more difficult. Saturated particulate filters risk being rendered inoperable with costly replacement and in some instances, additional recoding of the engine management system the only resolution. AR6500 will help prolong the life of the entire emission control system and combat the adverse effects of stop/start driving.

AR6500 is a new and powerful blend of additives designed to safely clean the fuel system, combustion area and emission control system components such as the diesel particulate filter (DPF) and catalytic convertor, thus helping such systems regenerate naturally and prolong their usable life. AR6500 contains an exclusive combustion modification technology that bonds to and removes hydrocarbon particulates. Using the thermodynamic principle of catalysis the energy required to start the chemical reaction of combustion is reduced.

This enhances the energy output as the competing reactions to combustion are greatly reduced, if not eliminated. The active chemistry reduces the temperature threshold at which carbonaceous deposits can burn thus enabling them to burn off more readily. Molecule by molecule deposits are safely removed thus restoring any lost performance and/or efficiency of the diesel particulate filter and catalytic convertor.

AR6500 can be safely used on blocked systems or as a preventative treatment to ensure components continue to run at optimum efficiency. AR6500 is compatible with all DPF and CAT types and will not harm any of these components nor the fuel system, engine or turbo charger.
Attached File  archoil-AR6500-professional-DPF-&-CAT-cleaner-100ml-twin-pack.jpg   9.7KB   24 downloads


  •  Reduces hydrocarbon deposits
  • Aids passive regeneration of the DPF
  • Prolongs the usable life of emission control system components
  • Restores lost power and performance
  • Lowers harmful exhaust emissions
  • Increases diesel lubricity by 44% (SAE Tested)
  • Suitable for all diesel and bio-diesel fuels.


Add a single 100ml bottle with a full tank of fuel every 5,000 miles or whenever cleaning is required.

A single 100ml bottle will treat between 50 and 80 litres of fuel.


If you use the discount code FORDCLUB you will also get discount. Click here to view more info