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Forum is gaining time on posts

04 February 2010 - 12:11 AM

It's not a huge deal, but the forum appears to be about 10 minutes fast at present (post at 2356, time on forum stamp says 0006). Possibly a bug being ironed out with changes and all, but just bringing it to the attention of whoever needs to know.

Definitely not my machine, as I verified it with the atomic clock thingy :)

2004 1.8 diesel poor economy

21 January 2010 - 10:33 AM

A member on another forum has asked me to ask you guys about a 2004 Foucs with poor economy.

He says 'TDI', but in 2005, I was under the impression the 1.8 was then a TDCi? Anyhow see below - all help/advice appreciated. I've suggested the air filter and disconnecting the battery to force the ECU to reset.

"Its an 04 1.8tdi with 60k on it, driving is 60% motorway at 75mph 20% a roads 50mph and the rest in town. She is getting 43mpg. Tyres are at the right psi and the brakes arent binding, oil was changed 2k ago, made no difference. The only problem im aware of that could be linked is the car takes an age to warm up (around the 10 minute mark) ford assure me this is normal."

Thanks in advance,

CES 2010 - Razer Gaming Controllers

13 January 2010 - 06:28 PM

Did anyone else see these? I was lucky enough to be at CES for a meeting with Robert Krakoff and we were able to play with both the Onza and the Sixense motion controller.

The Onza is totally awesome if you are a 360 gamer. There are extra shoulder buttons, rapid response a/b/x/y buttons, a re-designed d-pad and rapid fire mode, as well as 'hooked' triggers. Retailing at around 40 I think, sometime near the summer.

The Sixense is everything the Wii remote should have been and a lot more ... it has 1:1 accuracy within 1mm of actual movement. There is no line of sight either as it is magnetic instead - it literally works on x/y/z axes.

Belated hello

21 November 2009 - 04:24 PM

Hi All,

Forgot to come in and say hello properly. Already liking the forum, though clearly Fiesta dominated at the moment, which is okay really - they are smashing cars and the one I drove felt miles better than my old MKIV Chicane.

Currently driving what's in the sig ... it's been a year since the below image, and the paintwork has been repaired from when I bought it from the Ford sales guy.

Looking forward to my stay.

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And then there's my old ST170, which was too tempting to drive like a lunatic:

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