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16 Inch Wheels On The Fiesta Titanium Mk7

14 August 2010 - 04:34 PM

I have finally given up on the 16inch 15 spoke wheels for the Titanium. One wheel got buckled during the snow earlier this year which I replaced and used the buckled wheel as a get me home spare. Yesterday I did a what is for me a routine check removing each wheel cleaning the hubs and inspecting the tyres for damage, stone chips, nails etc. To my disgust both front wheels have buckles the passenger side has 2 and even the passenger side rear has a small kink. I have been so careful over speedbumps potholes although there aren''t that many on my usual routes of either. What are these things made of butter???
I have given up and bought a set of wheels and tyres from Halfords they are 15 inch ripspeeds polished rims with gun metal finish and they do look ok on my Tango Red Titanium. If you are thinking about doing this go for it the extra rubber definitely improves effects of the suspension and road noise is dramatically reduced (which was a surprise for budget performance tyres from god knows where.) There is also a dramatic improvement in cornering as all signs of tramlining have disappeared on my test route which includes a rather twisty road which can be scary as hell if taken too quick in the Fiesta normally.
Any one else tried this and hopefully it's been as positive for you?