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Mk7.5 Zs Headlight Bulbs

07 September 2013 - 10:23 PM

When I first got my previous mk7 I was so unimpressed with the headlights I almost instantly upgraded the bulbs to Philips Xtreme Power. I believe these were H7 fitment and made a hell of a difference!!!

Before fitting: http://img18.imagesh...6/photo251z.jpg
After fitting: http://img213.images...04/photo255.jpg

With the arrival of my mk7.5 now looming I was considering buying bulbs again but I saw in one of the pinned topics of the forum http://www.fordowner...sta-bulbs-list/ the headlight bulb is now an H15 fitment to accommodate the DRL aspect of the ZS.

It seems that upgraded H15 bulbs are like hens teeth, so can anyone confirm the OEM headlight bulbs are decent this time? Or even better, provide a link to some upgraded H15 bulbs?

I've been spoiled with factory fit HIDs too often... Cheers guys.

Edit: Before anyone suggests it, I'm not interested in fitting aftermarket HIDs.
Also, when I say upgraded I just mean brighter. Not really bothered about making the headlights 'whiter' or anything.

Returning To The Fiesta Fold

19 August 2013 - 07:52 AM

Good morning Chaps and Chapettes,


I'm a long-time member and occasional poster who is coming into the Fiesta fold for a second time.


First time round I had a '59 plate ZS, 120PS in Frozen White with Street Pack.



Moved onto a ’12 plate Z4 for the last 18 months. Decided it would be my last chance for this kind of car before marriage and (eventually) kids started looming on the horizon!



So whenever it’s delivered I will be swapping the Z4 for a '63 plate Candy Blue ZS, 125PS with 17" alloys, privacy glass, DAB, city pack (rear sensors, folding mirrors & puddle lights), spare wheel and auto headlights, wipers & dimming rear view mirror. Just wish I could have spec'd cruise control!

The Candy Blue paint really makes the car IMO and the 1.0 turbo is a far superior engine to the 1.6 it replaced.


Anyway, I look forward to being a bit more active on the forum and I’ll update this post with the obligatory pics when I pick up the new car.