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Siezed spark plug

07 November 2009 - 11:15 AM

Hi, can anyone please help?

I have a 55reg Ford focus 1.6, i aquired the car last year after a service and first mot.
I have come to service the car myself only to find that i cannot remove one of the spark plugs. (no2)
The plug wells are half full of rusty water!!!
Is this normal??
Since cleaning the area and soaking it in WD40 for a week it still wont budge. But is again full of water.
Since trying again to remove it yesterday the car now has a missfire under load and the engine warning light flashers when its missing, goes off on light throttle!!
So my question is what to do next????
I susspect Ford have not changed the plugs in its life so far (14.000mls old)
I have seen the problem here: http://www.fordowner...p?showtopic=498
and i intend to sort the washer jets but the cars running condition is most important first.

Thanks in advance for any help.