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In Topic: Armrest

11 April 2010 - 01:06 PM

My 2001 focus ghia estate has a armrest on the drivers seat but it is locked in the upright position, i have pulled, pushed and still no good,i bought the car with this problem, so can anyone help.

Hello. I have exactly the same problem. Did you ever figure how to take the seat apart?

In Topic: 6000Cd Player.....anyone With One?

11 April 2010 - 09:06 AM

Even the CD6000 in my 59 plate Zetec S wont play mp3's :(

There was one Focus model that was dubbed "mp3 model" that did play mp3's but I'm
pretty sure the player wasn't a CD6000.

It won't play MP3 CDs but you can buy an adapter kit that makes the player think it has a multichanger connected and so you can plug in an iPod or whatever. I bought one as per the post below and it took all of 20 seconds to fit (you will need the removal tool as well which you can get off ebay for a fiver)

In Topic: 2004 Focus Front Suspension Noise

10 April 2010 - 07:48 PM

from experience it can be a sign the springs getting ready to go the only wqay to know is wait till it snaps take it to ford not kwik fit they couldnt find a brothel in amsterdam and dont have a clue half the time it could be a bush drop link etc get some spray white grese from a car store and grease up the bushes on the car and see if it dissapears sometimes they get a bit like any mans wife after 30 years a bit dry and needing some lube lolPosted Image

That thought will remain with me for life! Thanks mate :-)
Actually Kwikfit did mention a drop link so I will check that out.

In Topic: Soaking Wet Footwell Again!!

10 April 2010 - 06:42 PM

It may sound a bit naff and old fashioned but the Citizens Advice Bureau are very good.

well i know this topic has been covered endlessly as i have posted on it previously myself but could really do with some advice.

Ok, from the beginning. First noticed that the footwell behind the passenger seat was soaking wet back in December. Took it in and it was apperently a faulty seal which they claimed to have fixed. A couple of months or so later I noticed the wet patch was back. Not happy. Rang them again, demanded a courtesy car until they sorted it. Was given some filthy excuse for a car in return. Again was told it was a faulty seal, and the door was not aligned correctly so they 'fixed' both. Also told that they needed to order a part for the door so had i my car back until they had this part. Anyway, noticed that my passenger window now had some sticky stuff all across the top edge, some kind of glue that they used to fit the seal I assume, didnt complain about this though because all i wanted was my car to not leak and gave them the benefit of the doubt. (figured it would've washed off when I cleaned it anyway)Ok, get the call to say they have the part for my door, don't exactly know what this part was just accepted my car would now be leak free and dry.

Fast forward to today, after pretty heavy rain and hail in the west mids over the last few days, thought I would do the 'touch test' on the floor behind my passenger seat, and yes as you've probably guessed, absolutely sodden, even worse than previous. I'm sure you can imagine my feelings, got right on the phone to my ford dealer, but, unsurprisngly no-one of any authority is there as it is 'good friday', told the woman the long story, explaining i am far from happy, and that this will be the third time I will be bringing the car in for exactly the same problem, apparently a manager of some description is going to call me tomorrow, i made it clear to the woman i spoke to that I want a car untill they have sorted mine, but also said I want to know what my rights are regarding getting a new car. I know it's probably too late to reject it but surely if i've had a recurring problem that they have apparently fixed on two previous occasions I have some consumer rights? The warranty is still valid until the end of June which is one good thing.

I'm going to wait to see what this manager has to say tomorrow, and have found a number on a leaflet I took from them last time for the 'consumer advice line' and will also be contacting citizens advice if need be, but was just wondering if anyone else can help, who should i be asking to speak to, any phone numbers you can give?? Do you think I have a right to reject the car at this late stage etc etc. I'm also going to mention the state they have left my window in as the glue stuff does not wash off.

Any advice much appreciated. And apologies for the length of this post, hope it makes sense!


In Topic: AUX/iPod input for 6000 Audio?

21 November 2009 - 02:19 PM

I just bought one of these. It took me all of 2 minutes to fit and it works great! Thanks for the tip.

There's no need for a soldering iron on that unit, unless it is a 6-CD changer head unit.

Assuming it's not (the 6006 has the changer built in), then all you need to do is buy an adapter that plugs into the back of the head unit in the CD changer socket. The other end is either 3.5mm or 2x RCA jacks (L&R audio). Other adaptors are available of course, some that fit the iPod socket itself. This is the one I remember being most simple though.

Link below - 26.99.



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