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In Topic: X - AA Driving School

07 January 2010 - 03:54 PM

Well with the things that were going wrong it seemed quite plausable and I pulled up the passager carpet there were no grommets but appeared to be a fair amount of filler. I bought it as the third owner so I only had the last private owners details. I rang the DVLA to find out the previous owner and they were rude and unhelpful quoting the non dislosure of personal information act at me. Really helpful but then they are just a money making arm of the government after all.

Its a 54 plate 2005 car with high mileage 83K when we bought it. So I got it cheap of the Honda dealer I haggled him down to 3125. At the time I was surprised how negotiable he was now I know why. I can't afford to trade it in as that was all the money we had saved by the time we paid for the clutch as well the rest I did get done under the warrenty. At first when I complained the dealer said they were happy to exchange the car but they kept mysteriously selling cars I had agreed to swap it back against so I sent a letter to th head office demanding a refund and they ignored it so I'm stuck with the car. I did contact Trading standards and they filled the case but becasue the warrenty was given it apparenty affected the usual statutory rights.

Actually, was your filler in the form of some dark grey spongey stuff under the carpet (like what is used for insulation)? I test drove ond and found a lot of these under the passenger's carpet you could just pull out! You can check with Lombard Finance or the AADS according to the Telegraph article. It might be possible that your car was an ex-driving school car that was used by another school or independent instructor, not necessarily the AADS. I live in B'ham and all of the AADS cars I have seen on the road have regs beginning with 'G' which is the prefix for Maidenhead / Kent - the registered HQ of Lombard Finance. That's why I'm quite sure that the source of these cars is AADS and I keep seeing so many Ford Direct cars with G on the dealer yards.

In Topic: X - AA Driving School

06 January 2010 - 11:27 PM

Yes I am a bit !Removed! off that I wasnt informed it was an X AA Driving School car, but the dealer is in business to make money and if they openly advertised thiese cars were X driving school I think they would have trouble selling them, I woluden't have bought one, but when we had problems the dealer had no hesitation repairing the car under warranty,also the car drives verry well and after the repairs ithe wife says it is like a new car, It cannot be easy to pick up a car with 15,000 miles on the clock less than 12 months old, the remainder of a 3yr warranty on it and at a 2/3 of the new price.

Ford is being very dishonest in not disclosing the truth to the dealers. It is Ford we should take issue with. If you tried to sell your car online through webuyanycar or whatever, they ask if it was ever used as a rental or driving school car, if you tick yes, you will certainly get a much lower price! However, if you were sold one to you that has been whitewashed as 'Ford Direct', you ought to say no because you're not supposed to know the dirty secret about your car isn't it?

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06 January 2010 - 11:21 PM

If the dealer knew it was an ex AA car and didn't tell you, then you have a case as they witheld information that would have affected your decision to buy. I spoke to trading standards about this, the problem is proving the dealer knew however. I bought what I discovered to be an ex AA car but the Honda dealer just claimed they never knew and it had been owned privately since it was an ex AA car as AA only keep their cars for 6 months. Watch the front springs, alternator, gear release bearing and gear linkage cable, all ours including the clutch went within 3 months of buying the car. It also has shocking fuel consumption and the brakes have now started making some interesting noises. I want to get shot of it but will in theory have to tell a future buyer my suspicions about its history.

How did you find out your Focus was an ex-AA DS car? Was your's a Ford Direct car? Did you find out by checking under the carpet in the passenger's front seat? Also, as the Telegraph article link I posted to earlier does state that it is Lombard Finance who leases these cars to AADS for 6 mths, it is Ford who knows the true source - not your dealer. It is therefore difficult to prove that the dealer knew it, my dealer were very adamant that they don't sell them - but hey, Ford has already admitted to it in the Telegraph article. Shame on Ford for being so dishonest!!!

I bought as my first car, an 06 reg Focus the reg. began with G with 17000 Mls in Dec last yr and within a matter of weeks, I had to spend 400 replacing brake discs!!! I didn't suspect it was ex-AADS but I think it probably was. I got rid of it by doing a px on an 07 Focus within just 3 mths in March 2009! If I were you, I'd just p/x it for a new one with a Ford dealer instead of trying to sell it on your own - they'll give you the best price.

In Topic: 07 Focus steering-suspension problems

03 January 2010 - 09:46 PM

[quote name='artscot79' date='Jan 3 2010, 06:38 PM' post='57888']
ide get some white spray grease and grease up the rubber bushes on the drop links etc and a little squirt up into the strut tops.

Thanks for this mate, and was this to address the squeeling noise from my engine or the creaking sound from my suspension?

Based on what my Ford workshop says, the problem with the squeaking in the suspension is a tart-mounting problem but they kept insisting that it's been greased and oiled sufficiently. My workshop manager said the work on my car under the warranty has been extensive as they've had to strip the suspension four times already and clocked up more than 1000 worth of labour alone. Anymore work under the warranty and Ford may decline the repairs which the dealership may have to absorb. Seems to be surprisingly unreasonable for a car to have so many problems as it has done only 14000 mls from new in Mar 2007

In Topic: Focus 55 - trip computer choices missing

02 January 2010 - 07:10 PM

You're right, MK2 from 2005 until mid 2007 onwards were missing instant MPG on the green display. The ones which have a red display panel would have the updated trip computer.