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07 Focus steering-suspension problems

03 January 2010 - 10:30 AM

The steering on my 07 Focus Zetec squeaks / creaks a little when steering at low speeds and parking. After 6 times I brought it into my Ford dealer for repair under the warranty, they have replaced the tie rods, the tart mounting, adjusted coil springs etc (basically has a new suspension) and it's still recurring. It's still nice to drive but it annoying sound occurs usually when parking at low speeds. Anyone got this problem as well?

In the cold weather, the engine squeels a little when it starts and when driving through the first 1-2 miles or so, am not sure if this is related to the steering-suspension problem. I'm really tired of all these problems and don't feel like taking it into its 3rd yr without the warranty. In fact, I am thinking of giving up on Ford and getting a new BMW 1 series instead.

ex-driving school Ford Direct Ford Focus

15 November 2009 - 10:13 PM

Hi guys,

I have an 07 2007 Focus 1.6 Zetec with 13000 Mls I wanna replace with the newer model Focus.

My dealer has a few available under the Ford Direct scheme that comes with 2 yrs unlimited mileage and 2 yrs RAC cover. I will be test driving on Tuesday, a 2009 58 reg with 24000 miles and the reduced price is 9995.

After reading the following article, I am a bit suspicious as it is now clear that together with ex rental cars, the AA driving school Ford Focus Zetecs end up on Ford dealerships as Ford Direct cars after 6 mths with around 12000-25000 miles on the clock. Apparently a lot of people have bought such cars without being informed about their sources. My dealer told me blatantly that they don't sell ex-driving school cars.

The article however, and statement from Ford tells us otherwise.


I have noticed that all the AA Driving school cars have registration plates beginning with 'G' and are all pretty new. I'm therefore guessing that this is the clue to the car source.

The question then, is one of whether this is an issue or not. Should I really be bothered if the car I buy was a driving school car when the car has been inspected by the RAC and has had a new clutch, new tyres etc. So, should the price be reduced if I know about its true source. I would rather kee a car like mine that is a privately owned car, as opposed to an ex-rental or ex-driving school car. But then, I'd like to drive the new model.

Would appreciate your advice on this