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Stuck Caliper Causing Low Speed Squeaks

17 June 2013 - 09:08 AM

Hey all, (long time no see!)


I took my baby Mk 7 in for his first service today, and just got a call saying that there's nothing majorly wrong and I don't need to pay anything (phew!) extra.


For the last few months I've noticed a low speed squeak, and since I commute more in rush hour traffic I notice it much more often now. The guys at the garage say that my front right caliper is sticking slightly. Conveniently the tread on that tyre is wearing and needs replacing too, eventually.


Is there another way to 'unstick' a caliper? The guy from Halfords says that I'd have to have the pads and something else (can't remember) replaced which would be just shy of £200. The squeak is annoying, but not £200 annoying.


Cheers :)