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10 December 2009 - 12:04 AM

my MX5 is getting fixed next week then am of to ford! :D however i got a worrying feeling that there will be sh!t loads of these running around by the time i can actually drive it.. when am 21.. either that or am being stupid! with worryingly high demand the fiesta is i dont want to feel like the cars no longer special with its funky styling by the time i can drive it, am i thinking too much?
what are your thoughts? hope it doesnt turn into the modern age corsa! insurance group is low so no doubt there will be loads of chavtastic examples soon..

Looking to get the MK7

02 December 2009 - 05:33 PM

hello guys am new to the forum. just trying to get some details on the car, i want the new zetec S in frostic white fo my 21st, i currently own an MK1 mazda MX5 thats going towards the scrappage scheme, i heard that paying through finance il end up paying back like 1500 extra..
just trying to see what kinda bargains you guys got with your Zetec S's been to the ford dealer but they had no zetec S on display.. he told me that the car was in a huge demand aswel <_<
anyways things like what to look for and prices would be very helpful! :)

the car am scrapping :(

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